About the ACE-IT Hairdressing Program and How You Can Register 

Studio 41 Salon is an ACE-IT Hairdressing Program offered in partnership with the Industry Training Authority and the Burnaby School District.

At Studio 41, trained student stylists provide the salon services, under the supervision of a qualified Cosmetology Instructor.

What is ACE-IT Hairdressing:

The Burnaby School District ACE-IT Hairdressing Program is a two (2) year program, that students can begin in either grade 11 or 12.

It offers an exclusive opportunity for secondary students to earn graduation credits and post-secondary Industry Certification in the professional career of Hairdressing. It enables students to acquire skills required to enter the industry or to pursue further training in this area of specialization.  

Students in the Burnaby ACE-IT Hairdressing Program learn the basic fundamentals of hairdressing such as shampooing, haircutting, hairstyling, hair coloring, sciences related to profession (anatomy, chemistry, electricity, disorders & diseases), WHMIS Certification, salon business, professionalism, employability skills, and client relations (soft skills) and much more. 

Students are required to accumulate 990 classroom hours and 300 work experience hours in a salon. Upon successful completion of this program the student is eligible to write the Industry Training Authority (ITA) Standardized Written Exam.

What Do I Need to Start

  • Must be going into grade 11 or 12
  • Good employability skills
  • Strong interest for entering the industry
  • Good hand/eye coordination
  • Creativity is an asset
  • Completed application package (you can get this from the career programs office at your school, or by attending an ACE IT information session)

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